We are Endtimegame, and we are above master and grandmaster ranking. The Endtimegame is a new group who wants to become some more than players. We strive to become an Overwatch academy. We help people who are mostly bronze/silver/gold placed because there are the most of the problems. At this moment we can boast over a thousand users and we are getting good feedback. Our players are placed at Master/Grandmaster, and they have many years of experience at FPS games. We are not professional players because it is not our goal. We already helped many players to accomplish their aims. Everything that what you can find on our website is to help you in climbing in a ranking system. The entire class is mainly towards to improving your skills but to mentality and strategies as well. We have been in gaming life for years, and like everyone, we started from the bottom to the top of system ranking. We draw on the knowledge not only of Overwatch but of all the games where you can become a professional player.