How to get out of Elo Hell?

If you are stuck at bronze or silver, then you know how it's hard to get out from it. You will meet trolls and afk players what won't make you progress in ranking. The next point is that the most of the players don't know the Overwatch basics. So the first thing to start improving is to learn them. But what are the basics? One of them its hero mechanics, you have to know how your hero works. If you learn them, the getting out will be much easier.

The guide is for everyone.

You need to know that you can always improve your skill at Overwatch if you are even at Diamond there is something that you can improve. That is why the professional players are keep training. You will learn from the basics to advanced level to let you progress step by step. We'll save your time because we keep every guide in one place, so you won't have to waste your time looking for every single guide on the internet.

100+minutes of watching

Get to know how to compose your team.

You will find out which hero is the best to carry and every overwatch hero counters. Picking the right hero can win your game. If they have Mei, pick Phara then because she can't freeze you from the ground. Most people doesn't know any counters and pick the wrong heroes. There is few characters what are very easy to use and can carry your games. If you have good picks, you can do everything.

The understanding of Overwatch ranked mode.

All of us hates the one hero players, but honestly, they are not a weak point of a team even if they don't fit the team.They know the mechanics of a hero, they know what to do, and it is much better than a player who doesn't play a particular hero, but he is forced to pick it. If you just lost a game and you are upset, you should take a rest and calm down because you don't think like before when you are fresh minded.

How to improve your aim?

The aim skills are essential to improve ranking at Overwatch. Even if you are right at positioning, it doesn't matter because you can't land your shots. So how to perfect your aim, it is more complicated than you think. Start your training getting to know what techniques of moving the mouse you are using and then adjust your sensitivity to it. We have mentioned that in our guide.